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Local couple opens cigar shop in Rockford

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – A new cigar and pipe shop opens in Rockford as Strike the Box, located at 6935 11th street, held its grand opening Saturday.

Alan Carlson is the former fire chief for the New Milford Fire District and he’s always had a passion for cigars, but he needed some convincing to open a shop.

Now that his wife Jean is on board, they opened a shop that welcomes all, even those who are new to getting into cigars.

“He has a man shed at home that he’s fixed up really nice and all of his friends says you outta open a shop. He finally talked me into it This is going to be our retirement plan so I hope it goes over well and today, we had a lot of people here so I’m thinking that it will,” Carlson said.

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