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Mother buries Jelani Day to seek justice for her son

In a statement to the media, LaSalle County medical examiner Richard Ploch said that Day’s cause of death and how he died are still unknown. Police said Day’s case was “suspicious” and “unusual”.

Mrs. Day said that Crusader that the coroner “was very rude to me. The coroner said to me, ‘You either want to find out this is your son or not’. ”She also said,“ The Peru police were very rude to me, as was the coroner, they were dismissive. ”The police said she, “had no empathy”.

Ms. Day admitted having more questions than answers, saying her son’s car was found in Peru, Illinois, in a wooded area behind the YMCA one and a half miles from where her son’s body was found became.

Mrs. Day calls on the FBI to intervene in her son’s case.

When asked what kind of son Jelani was, Ms. Day’s face lit up and said, “He is very sociable, smart. He loves to have fun. He is energetic. He is sweet and compassionate. He is kind and caring. He’s one of the best things that happened to me.

About the murder of her son, Mrs. Day said, “I’m angry. I’m injured.”

As a US Army veteran, she vowed to continue her fight for justice for her son, saying, “While Jelani was on this earth there was nothing he could ever have done that I was not there for him . So in his absence I am still there and still protecting him. I will still fight for him. I always have and I always will, “she told him Crusader.

Mrs. Day said her son was studying speech therapy. “Jelani graduated from Illinois State University in Bloomington, Illinois. He had a friend who grew up in kindergarten and had difficulty speaking. He wasn’t very eloquent. Jelani is a great speaker. He often defended his friend because he could not articulate himself; So Jelani stood up for him, ”she said. “And today I speak out for him. We will continue to fight for justice for Jelani. “

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