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Rockford Man Arrested with 7 Firearms and Nearly 1000g of Weed

What started out as a shots-fired call turned into a big bust for the Rockford Police Department on Wednesday night (1/4).

According to the press release from Rockford PD, officers received reports of a possible domestic disturbance situation and gunshots at a residence in the 600 block of 12th Street around 7:40 pm Wednesday.

When police arrived on the scene, officers made an attempt to contact the occupants inside the home but there was no response. Spent shell casings were also discovered around the home, according to the press release.

A short time later, six individuals exited the residence and were detained by Rockford Police.

During their investigation of the scene on 12th Street, Rockford PD were able to confiscate the following:

  • 5 handguns (one with laser, one with automatic “switch”, one with defaced serial number)
  • rifle
  • shotgun
  • 994 grams of cannabis

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