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Rockford Rescue Mission raises awareness of domestic violence

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – The Rockford Rescue Mission raised awareness of domestic violence at Nettie’s Mercantile in Rockford on Saturday afternoon. The store sells items made by survivors through art programs.

Rescue Mission officials and Remedies Renewing Lives in Rockford shared the services they offer to help people out of tough family lives. Rescue Mission Communication director Abby Finley said they are doing their best to meet the needs of every single person. She said the goal of Saturday’s event is to show the community that they can ask for help.

“If we can talk to just one person today and offer them the services they need, that’s enough for us. We want to give individuals the services and tools they need to overcome domestic violence and provide the services get what they need to survive this. That’s why we’re here today, ”Finley said. “We’re only here to talk to people and give them the information we can.”

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