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We wish everyone a safe and successful year 2022!

We expect 4 to 8 inches of snow today. Please do not drive unless you absolutely have to. The NWS said the roads would be awful. If you do need to travel, allow plenty of extra time, drive slowly, and prepare for potential hazards or situations.

Typically, a lot of car accidents happen at this type of event.
So instead of flooding your timeline with multiple accidents. We will only post those who have injuries that we know about.

NWS said it will start out as wet / heavy snow and then taper to the softer type. So if you need to shovel then take it slowly and shovel in layers.

Check out your family, friends, and neighbors.

Be safe and happy in 2022!

Widespread winter rainfall moves northeast across central Illinois. Snow is likely to accumulate quickly on the roads if precipitation spreads northeast by 1:00 p.m. Steady snow will further increase coverage through the afternoon and into the evening. Drive carefully on the roads and increase the distance between you and other vehicles.

A winter storm will penetrate the area in late morning and early afternoon, dropping a strip of 10 to 9 inches of snow over most of northern Illinois and part of northwest Indiana, with the highest amounts of snow expected in the Chicago metropolitan area. Gusty winds will also lead to blowing snow, especially after sundown on Saturday.

As soon as the snow subsides on Sunday, the temperatures will drop to the coldest value they have ever had this winter. The coldest wind chills on Monday mornings range from 0 to -20 ° F, so make sure you pack yourself up if you plan on going outside! In addition, ice is likely to develop on the rivers in the region, with a threat to “freezing” ice jams in the Rock, Fox and Kankakee Rivers.

After today’s winter storm, very cold temperatures will move into the area, with minus degrees possible from Sunday night to Monday. A slight warming is expected until Tuesday, before cooler temperatures and an additional probability of snow appear again in the second half of the week

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