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Rockford Scanner™: Several Parents Mad, Group Handing Out Bibles To Students At A Local Middle School

If you have any information:
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Several Parents Mad, Group Handing Out Bibles To Students At A Local Middle School

Several parents contacted us with their concerns.

They said several men were hanging outside the Kennedy Middle School
And were handing out Bibles to the students.

Several parents said they tried to express their concerns with the school and also the police.
But they felt their concerns fell on deaf ears, and reached out to RS.

Several of the parents said their students felt threatened by the group.
And that they felt the students are there to learn at school, and not have a random group of people approach their students and push a religious narrative onto their students.

They said the group stayed on the sidewalk,
and the parents said that is why the school took no action against the group.

No injuries were reported.

Rockford PD confirmed they were working a report at the school
But have not provided any details.

RPS205 have not released any info. at the time of writing this.

If you have any information:
[email protected]

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