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Rockford Speedway Celebrates 75 Years of Operation | news

The Rockford Speedway celebrated 75 years of operation this weekend, with festivities including high school racing, a meet and greet with former champions, a car show, and drift racing.

Steven Zielinski, the owner of a car detailing company that attended the event, praised the venue, saying, “Everybody knows of the speedway and it being here so it’s a nice venue… people know where it’s at, they know where to find it, it’s got plenty of space for the car show, the racing on the oval… they have food vendors, it’s just an overall good time.”

His son, Collin, drifted at the speedway over the weekend. He said racing on a historic weekend was special. “It’s awesome, it’s actually really nice out, the cloud cover helps a lot, and then obviously, you know the atmosphere of the show and everything, it’s just a good time.”

Collin also said that the speedway provides opportunity past just racing.

“Especially here with the show, I can meet a lot of people first of all, and with the business it also helps to be able to interact with people and talk to them face to face”

The speedway will have events all the way through November in their 75th year.

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