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The Palmer Method of Business Writing: Lesson 69

The Palmer Method of Business Writing, by AN Palmer is part of the HackerNoon Books series. You can jump to any chapter in this book here. Lesson 69


drill 84

The compound curve at the left on the first line in drill 84, and the arrow in the first figure show how 8 begins.

After a few minutes’ drill on figure eight at a speed of sixty to seventy a minute, miscellaneous figures should be introduced. In class work these figures should be made from the dictation of the teacher, and the practice speed should be from ninety to one hundred figures to the minute. The author usually makes the figures on the blackboard as they are dictated to the class. A fairly rapid penman can make from one hundred to one hundred and twenty-five of these in a minute. Compare your figures with the copies and make all figures small and disconnected.


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Palmer, AN 2021. The Palmer Method of Business Writing. Urbana, Illinois: Project Gutenberg. Retrieved November 2022 from

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