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Travis Tritt does not perform in locations where vaccinations are required; Peoria on the list | music

Country singer Travis Tritt has canceled four concerts at venues that required evidence of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Tritt said this move shows that he is “putting my money where my mouth is”.

The four shows were promoted by Live Nation and AEG Live, both of which had strict COVID-19 protocols. They were scheduled to take place on October 23rd at Ball State University’s Emens Auditorium in Muncie, Indiana; the Pearl River Resort in Philadelphia, Mississippi, on November 6; the Peoria Civic Center in Peoria, Ill. on November 11; and Louisville Palace in Louisville, Kentucky on November 13th.

In a statement, Tritt said he and his team will not tolerate any venues or promoters that require COVID-19 prevention methods such as masks, vaccinations and testing.

Donnie and Kevin continue to cancel NBA futures while Donnie’s bet finds us in Chicago to see if the Bulls can make the playoffs with a revamped roster

Tritt said in August that these requirements were examples of discrimination.

“Many across the country are resolutely opposed to these mandates, and I support them wholeheartedly,” said Tritt. “I spoke out against mandates from the start. This is a sacrifice I am willing to stand for the freedoms generations of Americans have enjoyed throughout their lives. “

Kick apologized for the cancellations but did not provide a refund policy, Taste of Country reported.

Get to Know Illinois: 15 State Symbols

Snacks – popcorn

Second and third graders from a Joliet elementary school, along with their teacher, ran a class project trying to make popcorn the official Illinois snack. The general assembly made this designation official in 2003. (

Amphibian – Eastern tiger salamander

Amphibian - Eastern tiger salamander

Illinois citizens voted in 2004 to elect the eastern tiger salamander as a state amphibian. The vote was made official by the General Assembly in 2005. (

Jim Schulz

Reptile – Painted Turtle

Reptile - Painted Turtle

Illinois citizens voted in 2004 to elect the painted turtle as the state reptile. The vote was made official by the General Assembly in 2005. (

Jim Schulz

Flower – purple

Flower - purple

In 1907, the Illinois schoolchildren selected the State Tree and State Flower. They picked the native oak and the purple. The General Assembly approved a bill in 1908 to make these selections official. (

Carolyn Kaster

Tree – white oak

Tree - white oak

In 1907, the Illinois schoolchildren selected the State Tree and State Flower. They chose the native oak. In 1973, a special survey of 900,000 school children changed the State Tree from the Native Oak to the White Oak. (


Vogel – cardinal

Vogel - cardinal

In 1928, Illinois school children elected the Cardinal as the State Bird of Illinois. The General Assembly made this name official in 1929. (

Lois Bernstein

Insect – monarch butterfly

Insect - monarch butterfly

In 1974, Decatur third graders suggested that the monarch butterfly should become the state insect. Schoolchildren campaigned for the monarch butterfly, and the General Assembly passed a bill in 1975 that made it official.


Fish – bluegill

Fish - bluegill

In 1986 school children chose the bluegill as their state fish. Although the bluegill only grows about 9 inches long and weighs less than a pound, it has a reputation for being one of the best fighting fish out there. (

Phil Grout

Mineral – fluorite

Mineral - fluorite

In 1965, fluorite was declared a state mineral by the general assembly. Illinois is the largest producer of fluorite in the United States. Fluorite is used in the manufacture of steel, enamel, aluminum, glass, and many chemicals. (


Animal – white-tailed deer

Animal - white-tailed deer

School children from Illinois voted the white-tailed deer their state animal in 1980. The vote was made official by the General Assembly in 1982. (

»Fun fact: Pictured above is Stephanie, a white-tailed deer – and Orphaned, formerly injured young fawn brought to good health by a kind soul in the Lake Bloomington area. Read Bill Flick’s 2013 story about Stephanie here.

For the pantagraph

Dance – Square Dance

Dance - Square Dance

Square dance was made an official state dance in 1990. (

Danny Goshtigian

Prairie Grass – Big Bluestem

Prairie Grass - Big Bluestem

In 1989 the great blue stem (Andropogon gerardii) became the state prairie grass. The General Assembly adopted this name after a student poll conducted by the Illinois Department of Conservation. (


Fruit – gold rush apple

Fruit - gold rush apple


Flickr Creative Commons user takomabibelot

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