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Tweedy family enjoys 55th reunion | Daily Gate City

Descendants of Hugh and Ve Starr Tweedy gathered for their 55th annual reunion on Sunday, Aug. 14, at the Fowler Community Center in Montrose. The Tweedys, who farmed south of Montrose from 1905 to 1960, raised 12 children, 10 of whom reared their families in rural Lee County. Descendants of Virginia (Tweedy) and John Pezley hosted the reunion.

The carry-in lunch was enjoyed by almost 100 relatives from seven states. Esther Tweedy displayed the vital statistics she had compiled. To her knowledge there are now 485 living direct descendants of Hugh and Ve Starr Tweedy: 36 grandchildren, 132 great-grandchildren, 230 great-great-grandchildren, and 87 great-great-great-grandchildren.

One death has occurred since the 2021 reunion: Deborah Day Lind on Nov. 11, 2021.

Seven marriages were celebrated: Briana Clements to Emmanuel Wilson; Ray Marsh to Stacy Coughlin; Ava Doyle to Jarric Nelson; Jesse Earl Bell to Anika Adams; Dana Marsh to Robert Larson; Emily Tweety to Mark Fisher; and Faith Cingle to Phil Rudd.

Nine births were announced: Ayden to Michael and Katie Shepherd; Max to Hugh Tweedy and Andrea Figueroa; Iris to Tyler and Virginia Marsh; Margot to Eliza Bangert and Mike Sherry; Brooks to Jessica and Aron Kehoe; Siena to Emmanuel and Briana Wilson; Caleb to Chris and Allison Bell; Emmie to Lindsay and Seth Cocquit; and Finnick to Ava and Jarric Nelson.

Family members registered from 10 of the 12 original families.

The RJ (Jim) Tweedy family was represented by Kermit and Cindy Sperfslage, Mt. Pleasant.

The Kenneth Tweedy family was represented by: Karl and Ardath Tweedy, rural Keokuk; Ray Johnson, Donnellson; Jeff and Brenda Tweedy, Dalton and Brianna, Bill and Barb Allen, Montrose; Gary and Theresa Johnson, Jessica Kehoe and Brooks, Burlington.

The Mildred Tweedy Lee family was represented by Jim and Marilyn Sheets, Ames.

The Hugh Tweedy family was represented by: Elaine and Mike Foley, Montrose; Clay Foley, Champaign, Illinois; Dave Bangert and Esther Tweedy, Larry and Alicia Schiller Haynes, Bella Tweedy, Donnellson; Jackson Denning (guest), Houghton; Hugh Tweedy and Andrea Figueroa and Max, Farmington.

The Katheryn Tweedy Lowenberg family was not represented.

The Marjorie Tweedy Lind family was not represented.

The Jay Tweedy family was represented by: JD and Joyce Tweedy, Argyle; John Twoedy, Montrose; Larry and Ann Tripp, Niota, Illinois; Roy and Mary Marsh, Soddy Daisy, Tennessee; Anna Marsh Newburgh, Indiana.

The Ve Tweedy Wardlow family was represented by: Carol Christensen, Montrose; Hope Krebill, Fairway, Kansas.

The Elizabeth Tweedy Dresser family was represented by: Sue Dresser, Mike and Ruth Dresser, Montrose; Brent Dresser, rural Keokuk.

The Virginia Tweedy Pezley family was represented by: Roger and Jean Pezley, Kahoka, Missouri; Jesse and Annette Luebke, Brent and Jill Dobbins, Mikayla and Hannah, Hamilton, Illinois; Jared and Megan Massey, Zachary, Eric and Christine, Warsaw, Illinois; Tyler and Erin Brown, Carthage, Illinois; Mike Pezley, Donnellson; Michelle K Pezley, Ames; Skip and Jonquil Simmons, Wapello; Ron and Leslie Pezley, Panama City Beach, Florida; David and Michelle Pezley, Fort Madison; Trevor and Selena Pezley, Columbia, Missouri.

The Florence Tweedy Woodruff family was represented by: Bill and Kathy Woodruff, Ottumwa; Billy Woodruff and Elliott, Iowa City; Alan and Norma Mahon, Cantril; Steve and Nedra Carruthers, Lee’s Summit, Missouri; Mark Woodruff, Keosauqua; Kevin and Margie Brown, Blue Springs, Missouri.

The David Tweedy family was represented by: Rodney and Jennie Tweedy, Mary Bell, Vickie Tweedy, Walter Tweedy, Montrose; Doug and Sara Tweedy and Eli, Palmyra, Missouri; Brent Tweedy, Kahoka, Missouri; Jeremy Tweedy, Argyle; Matt and Sarah Tweedy, Trenten Tweedy, Donnellson; Trinity Krabill (guest), Trenton, Iowa.

Marilyn Lee Sheets was honored as the oldest descendant present, and Brooks Kehoe was the youngest. Traveling the farthest were Ron and Leslie Pezley from Panama City Beach, Florida.

The 56th Tweedy reunion will be celebrated the second Sunday in August 2023 at the same location, hosted by the Florence (Tweedy) and Eston Woodruff family.

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