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U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan tells House committee he spoke to President Trump after Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol

WASHINGTON, DC – Champaign County’s GOP Representative Jim Jordan appeared controversial before the House Rules Committee Wednesday, saying he couldn’t remember the number of times he spoke to former President Donald Trump as his supporters in the US -Capitol invaded, although he definitely spoke to Trump after the uprising.

Jordan made his remarks during a session in which he and other Republicans argued against a resolution that would despise former Trump adviser and podcast host Steve Bannon for refusing to appear before the special committee to investigate the January 6 attack to testify on the US Capitol. The House of Representatives has scheduled the contempt vote for Thursday.

“Of course I spoke to the president,” said Jordan. “I spoke to him that day. I made myself clear about that. I don’t remember the number, but it’s not about me. I know you want to do it, but this is about … Why wasn’t the National Guard here that day, Mr. Chairman?

“I spoke to him after the attack and we were taken to the chamber. I may have spoken to him before, I don’t know. But I’m just saying that .. has nothing to do with it. So to me it’s just you, the Democrats’ obsession. “

When the chairman of the committee, Jim McGovern of Massachusetts, asked Jordan if he was talking to Trump about a “coordinated effort to overturn the election results,” Jordan said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Jordan accused the Democrats of focusing their attention on Trump’s role in the riot, rather than on security failures that let rioters into the Capitol because “they had nothing else to discuss”.

“We have gone from a safe border to total chaos,” said Jordan. “Every month has been worse than the month before.”

He accused McGovern and other Democrats of hypocrisy for questioning voter counting when Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2017.

McGovern said there was a big difference between what the Democrats did in 2017 and how Republicans handled their objections to the 2020 election results.

“I brought up Russian interference in our elections, I also brought up the issue of voter suppression, which was a real concern in that election,” said McGovern. “I did not organize a rally, convention, or facility to undermine an election, and the Capitol was not attacked until I objected.”

Jordan said he didn’t either.

“Democrats are allowed, but Republicans are not,” he replied.

“If you don’t want to testify here, you can go,” said McGovern.

The full hearing of the video can be found here. To jump to the McGovern / Jordan stock exchange, jump to the 1 hour and 14 minute mark:

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