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Violent crime in Rockford remains high, with more guns found so far this year | Crime and Courts

ROCKFORD (WREX) – The City of Rockford released an update on crime in 2021.

The published figures are from January-September of this year and are compared with figures for the same period as last year.

Violent crime in Rockford remains high this year:

  • YTD 2020: 1,671
  • YTD 2021: 1.710

The number of violent crime, which is domestic violence, has also increased in Rockford. In 2020, 26.1% of violent crime was domestic. Up to 40.6% by 2021.

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Most of the other crimes also occur in Rockford:

Car thefts

Shots fired

Heavy attacks

The number of weapons seized by the police has also increased. Last year, 208 weapons were recovered by September. So far, 360 weapons have been recovered in 2021.

Some crimes in Forest City have decreased compared to last year.

Property crimes


The statistics were released during a briefing on Friday morning.

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