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By West Kentucky Star Staff

october 15, 2022 | 09:00 AM | FULTON

A traffic stop in Fulton helped solve a parental abduction case out of Minnesota.

Police stopped an SUV for what was described as an equipment violation, but the registration check showed the vehicle was wanted in Minnesota and the driver was accused of parental interference.

The driver was identified as Deanna Konz. She allegedly abducted her 9-year-old daughter in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota outside of a medical facility. Konz was reportedly trying to prevent her daughter from receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

According to police, Konz was not allowed to have contact with the girl as a result of previous family court violations.

The child told police they had been staying in campgrounds over the last several days. Fulton Police drove the child to Bloomington, Illinois to be reunited with her family.

Konz is being held on a $250,000 bond and awaiting extradition to Minnesota.

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