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Here’s What The Average Rockford Resident Spent On Bills In 2022

A company called doxo, a third-party online bill-payment website that lets you manage all your bills and due dates in one place, recently did a rather large amount of number-crunching on our bills and how much we pay on them.

They looked at the things we all need, like utilities (including electric, gas, water & sewer, and waste & recycling), and totaled up how much we spend on them each month.

To give a clearer picture on how much paying we do, they also broke down the numbers for how much we pay as a household for other things, like auto loans, cable bills, and more. I’ve got numbers for the national average, the state average for Illinois, and even numbers for Rockford and surrounding areas.

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There’s that “you’ve gotta be kidding me” face we all get at bill paying time (Getty Images)

According to doxoInsights, The Average American Household Spends $328 Per Month On Utilities

If you were a betting person, and I don’t know that you’re not, would you guess that Illinoisans spend more or less than that on utilities per month?

If you shouted “MORE!” there’s really no reason to shout, since this is a text-based question–and you would be wrong. Illinois residents spend less than the national average, with monthly utility costs averaging out in Illinois to $305.

Here at Rockford, that number goes to $343 per month on utilities.

If We Only Had To Pay Utilities, We’d Have Plenty Left Over–But, There Are A Few More Household Expenses, And Here’s What They Cost Every Month, On Average

According to the study at, the average monthly household expense in Rockford for these items…

  • mortgage
  • pension
  • car loan
  • car insurance
  • utilities
  • Health Insurance
  • life insurance
  • cable/satellite
  • mobile phones

…works out to be $1,580. That’s 21% less than the national average of $2,003. Here are the numbers for some of our neighbors:

  • Love’s Park: $1,560
  • Machesney Park: $1,650
  • Roscoe: $2,046
  • Belvidere: $1,701
  • Beloite: $1,825

The average Illinoisan kicks out $2,029 per month. Here’s’s breakdown of what the average Rockford, Illinois resident is spending per month on the items we listed above:

  • Mortgage: $888
  • Rent: $780
  • Car Loan: $374
  • Auto Insurance: $155
  • Utilities: $343
  • Health Insurance: $107
  • Life Insurance: $60
  • Cable/Satellite: $116
  • Mobile phones: $98

You can get more information on every Illinois city, and what the average expenses are, by clicking here.

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