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Op Ed: Keep the Pretrial Fairness Act as-is

Pretrial justice reform was sorely needed in Illinois to address the harm the money bond system has caused Black, Brown, and poor communities. As former public defenders and current clinical law professors, we know firsthand how…

New Jersey was not a friend to Abe Lincoln

A national champion, Abraham Lincoln found little favor in New Jersey.While he often passed through, Lincoln's wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, spent far more time in New Jersey. As the Civil War raged in August 1861, she vacationed at the Jersey…

Sr. Jocelyn Serwatka, OSF Obituary

Sister Jocelyn Serwatka, OSF (97) of the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis died on Monday, November 21, 2022, at 12:57 pm at St. Francis Convent, Springfield, Illinois.Sister Jocelyn, the former Isabelle Serwatka, was born in Madison,…

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