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Why I Won’t Raise My Son in Illinois

(Photo: Jeff Sharp/Flickr)"More house?" My son emphasizes the aspirated "H" as he climbs into our blue minivan. I pause and turn to look at him. "What?" "More ... house." This time he says it even more slowly, with a long drawn out…

Indian Market’s Centennial – ICT

Anitra Warrior was named Woman of the Year at the annual “Inspire — Celebrating Women's Leadership Awards” in Lincoln, Nebraska. Warrior, a citizen of the Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma, started Morningstar Counseling more than a decade ago. She…

JC Kibby | NRDC

JC Kibbey analyzes and advocates for policies that advance renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean transportation, sustainable development, and grid modernization at the legislature, Illinois Commerce Commission, state agencies, and with…

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