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How Much Cocaine is a ‘Heap of Cocaine?’ ask This Illinois Trio

So this is a great question, I need your help. A “heap” of drugs, how much exactly is that? We’ve heard all of things like, “that’s a crap load” or “the mother load” but a heap…that spells out a LOT! CentralIlinoisProud

Danny Trujillo

Danny Trujillo

Central Illinois outstanding citizens, Don C. Coleman, Javion D. Parker, and Pamela N. Riggs were the heap reapers…or something. So here’s the breakdown…

There was a search warrant of two different locations in Peoria, Illinois…Early in the morning, the cops came knocking. It wasn’t even seven in the morning, and “knock, knock, knock…house keeping!”

This search warrant was executed and the HEAP goes like this:

604 grams of cannabis

3,000 methamphetamine pills

142 grams of cocaine

1.026 grams of synthetic cannabis (K2)


Well that IS a heap! Don’t forget all the extras that come with a search warrant!

drug equipment

A large amount of currency

Two handguns

One rifle


Hot damn, you guys (and gals) know how to party! Don Coleman got the brunt of the charges, while the other two “simply” got possession with intent to deliver…Coleman was hit hard:

unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon

unlawful possession of cannabis

distribution of cannabis

possession of methamphetamine

distribution of methamphetamine

unlawful possession of synthetic cannabis

unlawful possession of synthetic cannabis with intent to deliver

unlawful possession of ammunition by a felon

Yikes man, see you in 25 to life!

Well at least I got my “heap” question answered.

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