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Rockford area plumbers remain busy after cold temperatures

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – Last week’s sub-zero temperatures added pressure to pipes and now plumbers across the Rockford area are dealing with the aftermath.

“It’s really overwhelming because we’ve probably had 125 calls since Thursday. It’s mainly the wind that’s causing all the problems. It’s cold, but when it gets windy like these people don’t realize it,” said local plumber Hal Wirtjes.

Pipes often burst because the water inside freezes putting too much pressure on the pipes and ultimately rupturing the line.

“If you wait too long, it keeps freezing more and more and more and it takes a long time sometimes to unthaw pipes and sometimes you got to tear out walls. That’s not pleasant at all for the owners,” said Wirtjes.

However, the first concern is safety. Nathan Carden, an inspector with the Rockford Fire Department, says once pipes burst, the best action plan is to react fast, turn off the main water valve, and call a professional.

“Be aware of standing water in your basement. If the water is getting to a depth where it’s covering anything electrical your outlets, plugged in devices, you want to stay outside of that area,” said Carden.

If you’re already dealing with a broken pipe, plumbing experts suggest using towels to sop up some of the water, which will help prevent more damage to your home.

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