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Rockford man wins $24,490 on Jeopardy! and a chance to win more money

ROCKFORD — A Rockford man’s appearance on Jeopardy was not a one-and-done deal.

Lloyd Sy, 28, defeated two other contestants and walked away with $24,490 as well as a chance to win more money.

The tapped episode aired Tuesday on NBC affiliate WREX. If you missed Tuesday’s show, it’s okay. Because Sy won, he will be a contestant on Wednesday’s show and will keep appearing until he loses.

Sy and his parents, Larry and Esther Sy, hosted a viewing party Tuesday at their home and entertained about 30 family members and friends.

While Sy appeared cool as a cucumber answering questions, he said, “I hate looking at myself. So, it was quite anxiety inducing, but the hair crew did a great job.”

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Sy said he enjoyed questions in the “movie lines” category but found the “wordplay” category challenging.

“They’re difficult to think about on the spot,” he said.

The Auburn High School 2012 class valedictorian is home on winter break from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, where he is in the final year of earning his doctorate in English literature.

In late October, Sy and his family traveled to LA where a week’s worth of shows are tapped in one day. Because of Jeopardy game show rules, the family cannot comment on how well Lloyd did until after the episode he appears on airs.

Jeopardy airs locally at 4:30 pm on WREX, channel 13.

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