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Rockford Prepares for RAGBRAI Riders to Pass Through – KCHA News

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It’s not their “first rodeo in Rockford,” but preparing to be a RAGBRAI pass-through town still takes a lot of work.

Rockford RAGBRAI 2022 Committee member Sharon Enabnit says they’ve got a good start for RAGBRAI to come to their Floyd County community this summer.

Rockford will serve as a pass-through town for riders on July 28th, after RAGBRAI’s overnight stay in Mason City the night before, which comes at the end of RAGBRAI’s first 100-mile ride since 1985.

Enabnit says riders will enter Rockford from the west after they pass by the Fossil and Prairie Center. How early riders will arrive remains to be seen.

Enabnit says volunteer signup information will be available next week.

Check the Rockford RAGBRAI 2022 Facebook page for updates.

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