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Rockford Scanner™: Good Samaritans Save A Pelican, On the Rock River

Jon Sjostrom

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Good Samaritans Save A Pelican in the Rock River

This was posted on social media by Jon Sjostrom

” Cindy Sjostrom and I rescued a Pelican on the Rock River today. While kayaking we noticed a pelican that had fish line wrapped several times around his beak into his wing and around his leg preventing him from flying away or eating. After a couple miles of acrobatic type kayaking we managed to trap the Pelican who immediately became passive and allowed Jon Sjostrom to cut the line from his bill but we also noticed a huge lure deeply embedded into his bloodied wing. Not wanting to break his wing The Pelican stayed at our side while Cindy paddled and guided both of our kayaks as I held the floating Pelican to meet Hoo Haven Events at the shoreside After calling 911 to coordinate the transfer! Cindy named her Gracie.”

If you have any information:
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