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Short Summary:

Here is a quick recap of the shots reported since midnight at Rockford this Saturday:

500 block on S Perryville Road

3600 block from Cardinal Ln

3700 block of Algonquin Boulevard

1800 Block Montague St

2400 block of 25th Street

Wesleyan Avenue and 23rd Street

2100 block of Ohio Pkwy

2200 block of Arizona Avenue

The RPD and WCSO are aware of these incidents and are currently investigating.

Gunshots were also reported in the 700 block of Salem Street in Rockton

Feel free to add any shots you know …

  • All parties involved are innocent until proven guilty in court.
  • We can only give information that IS made available to us.
  • As you know, the local police use encryption and is not transparent.
  • Some information may not be correct. If you make a mistake, please let us know so we can try to correct any errors.
  • Several people have asked questions and we have tried to answer as many as possible on our FAQ page.
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