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Rockford sends runners to Region CC | Sports

Following the Minnesota cross country meeting, Rockford runners competed in the Nike Heartland Regionals Championship in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on November 14th.

This was the first year a group of Rockford athletes were sent to Regionals, with 10 of the 24 runners competing. The field included runners from seven states and schools of various sizes.

Five Rockford University girls competed as a team in the Open 1 division. Rockford finished ninth out of 29 Open 1 Division teams and 31 out of the combined field of 97 teams.

The ninth grader Ruby Gifford finished 51st out of 843 girls. Other rocket runners were Lauryn Wittnebel (186), Alix Giford (190), Maggie Thompson (269) and Haedyn Barkeim (580).

Four college boys took part in the Rising Stars race, in which 236 runners participated. They were Tyler Mager (100), Grady Dawson (135), Colton Braun (159) and Ryan Gifford (179).

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