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‘Sick and tired of the murders;’ Rockford sees 4 homicides in 5 days

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Rockford Police Chief Carla Redd, State’s Attorney J Hanley and Mayor Tom McNamara addressed the city’s violence Tuesday afternoon.

They all shared their frustration with recent murders, saying that they are working to bring justice for the victims. However, they also said that the community needs to help by reporting those involved.

“I’m honestly sick and tired of the murders,” Redd said. “Four murders in five days. That’s insane.”

It is less than a month into 2023, and Rockford’s homicide rates are already frightening. This is something that was not the case last year.

“I am tired as well, of holding press conference after press conference over senseless violence taking place in our community,” McNamara said. “I’m sick and tired of the gun violence that has been plaguing the City of Rockford. I am angry that every time we feel like we are taking one step forward, whether that’s a reduction in homicides in 2022, we seem to get hit with taking two steps back after an incredibly violent week.”

The police will not say if the triple homicide over the weekend was gang related, but the criminal complaint said that a witness saw the shooting breakout after two gangs got into a fight.

Redd stated that the danger is far from over if gangs are involved.

“I will be honest with you. I fear the retaliation for those individuals that were present, those individuals that were involved in this senseless act,” she said.

The biggest message that the public’s assistance is vital. Hanley said that, even if charges have already been handed out, they still welcome more information from the community.

“I need evidence, we need witnesses. That comes from the community,” Hanley said. “We know the detectives weren’t there when the crime occurred, and without the community’s help, we simply cannot solve these crimes.”

“Please, these are all Rockfordians, they all have loved ones. Step up, start speaking out to the Rockford Police Department so we can help protect those and get those into police custody,” McNamara added. “Think if it was your mother, think if it was your brother, your cousin, your aunt, your father, your children. Wouldn’t you want everyone to do every single thing that they could to help bring that person to justice? I know I sure as hell would.”

Private cameras can also go a long way in helping investigations. Residents can do their part by allowing their camera into the city’s system.

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