Covering the Land of Lincoln

Sunshine returns to the Stateline for some time

It was very cold outside this morning. Overnight lows Monday night were subzero with even worse of wind chills. Our overnight low in Rockford was -11 degrees. This is not as bad as back in 2019 though, our lowest wind chill was -51. Overnight our lowest chill only a few to around -14 degrees.

Although it has been cold the last few days, January 2023 will go down as the 5th warmest January on record. The average temperature was 33.2 degrees, the warmest since 2006. We had 23 above average days compared to the 7 below normal days. Today will go down as below normal, so that number will go up to 8.

There will not be many issues this week besides the cold we still have to get through again tonight as well as a few more nights Thursday and Friday this week. The good news is even though its cold, some sunshine did return, and this trend will continue for a little bit.

We’ll only be in the lower to mid-20s Wednesday and Thursday. Temperatures will be cool again for Friday though due to a cold front, but next weekend temperatures look to rise closer to normal, maybe even above it by a little bit on Sunday. Our temperature trend looks to get back a warmer pattern for chances for precipitation looks to stay near normal or a chance of slightly above average precipitation for the area as we’re heading into the next six to ten days the beginning to middle of February.

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