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It turns out car dealerships ARE incredibly busy right now and my experience wasn’t a VIP moment

• Dillon L. writes from North Dakota:

Hey Joe, the wife and I just bought a car over the weekend and had some similar experiences. We made the 7 hour trek to Fargo (visiting in-laws also) but needed a new car as we already sold the wife’s. We had a few vehicles picked out to test drive based off the websites but they were already gone by the time we got there. Our poor salesman actually got in a fender bender bringing one of the cars through the parking lot for us… Was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen even though I felt bad for him.

We ended up purchasing a vehicle we didn’t even begin to look at or heard of before but it was so busy cars were flying off the lot and took us forever to finish the deal. – What is a normal buying time a vehicle? It literally took us all day, I’d estimate 3-4 hours just waiting on the paperwork. The interest rates about knocked me over, but what are you gonna do at that point? All in all, I’m hoping I don’t need to purchase a new vehicle for another 20 years when I’m sure every damn vehicle will be electric.

That leads me to my last thought about lib lib Judd or any libs for that matter. If we are going to get into the debate of transgender athletes, would it be better to not have men/women’s divisions separate? Just have one division… which if you literally look at any comparative stats between genders would show there wouldn’t be many women doing well in the division. The list goes on but I’m sure others will pick up the slack hammerin’ the libs.


America, I don’t know about you right now. I’ll sit still for a minute to see if you burn through that credit and max out.

Average auto loan rates (January):

New cars: 8.41%

Used cars: 12.88% (!!)

Both at decade highs.

— CarDealershipGuy (@GuyDealership) February 1, 2023

• Chris N. checks in from Illinois:

Saw you were looking at Honda’s this weekend. My wife is the sales manager here in Peoria Illinois at Bob Lindsay Honda. Anyway, I will ask her tonight for an update but I know this whole month for her has been insane. They have 30-40 cars to still deliver and I believe they have been delivering 9-10 a day which is as about the most they can do in a day. My understanding is they are now getting flooded with cars after not having so many for so long and are just filling orders that people have been waiting for a while now.

• John L. writes:

Joe, it’s an especially great column today [Tuesday], with many LOL comments. You are so kind to let me contribute.

The auto dealership is a real head-scratcher. I have recently bought a new Honda and leased a new BMW, with the NY State dealerships being very calm. In both cases I also had to wait while for the car to come in.

Long live screen caps!


Very interesting intel from John L. Here’s a real head-scratcher: Some of the best prices I’ve seen on just off-lease cars are in New York. I know it’s crazy.

• Rann R. in Jeffersonville, IN writes:

Joe, I strongly recommend you consider buying a Toyota RAV4. My first was a 2009. When I traded it in for my current 2020 RAV4, it had 215k miles and never had a tune-up or any major repairs. And my 2020 gets great mileage and is just as reliable.

Right on cue…local TV is so damn predictable, especially here during the Super Bowl

• Harvey D. writes:

You nailed it. The yearly required visit to the Wilson football plant in Ada OH!!


At this point, the Ada Super Bowl football thing is a running joke in NW Ohio that never disappoints. At least get me 30 seconds of sound from one of the little old ladies who is pumping out those footballs.

Gracie Hunt question

• John L. writes:

Do you think that Gracie Hunt will rise to the same level of annoyance as Mahomes’ wife and brother? This trio could almost make me root for the Eagles, who I totally hate as a lifelong Giants fan.

Gracie bills herself as a philanthropist and a fitness and beauty expert. That’s easy to do when your Dad is worth billions!


While I’m pumped the brakes big time on Gracie after giving her the “Chiefs heiress” distinction way back in 2018 when Mahomes took the team to the AFC title game, she will 100% never get to the level of pain in the ass like Brit Brit and Jackson.

Gracie just goes about her business being rich while the other two act like jagoffs thanks to their meal ticket’s right arm. At least Gracie understands her place in Chief’s history.

I do feel sorry for Gracie in one aspect. It feels like she wants the big-name athlete boyfriend and she’s in a real pickle with that need. She can’t date inside the NFL. I get the sense she’ll end up with someone from MLB on a massive contract. Keep your eyes on starting pitchers.

An outdoor pizza oven lawsuit that lawyers around the country will have their eyes on & probably turn into TV commercials

Hypothetical commercial at midnight on local TV: “Are you a victim of insane smells at all hours of the day? Did you OD on the smell of gas mixed with the glorious smell of a pepperoni and banana pepper pizza at 3 am? Call me! I will not rest until you are fully compensated for your pain and suffering.”

Let’s go to Cleveland where some loser is taking a neighbor to court over an outdoor gas pizza oven.

The plaintiffs “Allege that when the pizza oven is in use, the smoke and gases travel to their property and into their apartment causing them physical discomfort, annoyance, stress and anxiety, and that the smoke and gases significantly affect their ability to use and enjoy their property and their apartment,” according to the judge hearing the case.

The losers say the pizza oven typically runs between three and 10 hours at a time. They’re seeking $25,000 in damages and an injunction against the pizza oven.

‘my dad’

• Michael V writes:

Hey Joe, I know you get a lot of emails so you might not remember me but in one of the last contacts I made, I responded to a question by telling a story about my dad. It was about how he wasn’t allowed to attend Don Larsen’s perfect game in the 1956 World Series because my grandmother wouldn’t let him miss school.

It made one of the daily screencaps columns, but he never read it mainly because he never read anything unless it was a local print newspaper (except for the New York Times for obvious reasons). He was old school when he came to media so I explained to him what Screencaps is and he loved the idea that people like us exist all over this great country. Unfortunately a few days after Christmas he passed away suddenly at the age of 76.

He worked very hard in his life, growing up in a small apartment in Harlem, paying his way through college, and eventually retiring to a big house on the water in the suburbs. To me, this is a great example of the Indy Daryl “Do Hard Things” motto. I am very happy that I got to share this story with the community.


In March, Michael V. wrote to me on the topic of “Worst parenting moves in sports” and relayed the story of his father missing out on Larsen’s perfect game. You guys have no idea how powerful it is to hear stories like this from across this incredible country. It’s like the Reader’s Digest for the modern guy who just wants a tiny escape from the world.

Thank you to Michael and the rest of you who trust me with your emails, especially during times like this where you’ve lost a loved one. This Screencaps experience is powerful stuff. trust me

• Michael V from March 12, 2022:

My story isn’t about me, it’s about my father. My grandfather came home the night before Game 5 of the 1956 world series with tickets for him and my dad. My dad was a die-hard Yankee fan and was in elementary school. In those days world series games were played during the day.

My grandmother (who was a great person and thought she was doing the right thing) told my dad he couldn’t go to the game because he had school. For those of you who don’t know what happened that day Don Larsen threw a perfect game for the Yankees against the Brooklyn Dodgers, something that hadn’t happened before and probably never will again.

My dad loved my grandmother but I’m not sure he ever forgave her for that. I grew up a Mets fan because if you lived in NY and started watching baseball in the late 80s that’s who you watched. They owned the town at the time which is hard to believe but true.

Fast forward to 2012 and I was fortunate enough to be in attendance for Johan Santana throwing the first and only no hitter in Mets history. It was an amazing night, one I will never forget. Maybe attending no hitters skips a generation because my grandfather did attend the Larsen game with a friend instead of my dad. That’s rough. sorry dad

Great, now I won’t be able to see updates on my Reds being eliminated from playoff contention on Opening Day

Yes, Italian post office vehicles are tiny for very good reason

• Mike T. once again delivers. He spotted an Italian post office vehicle and he knew it would pique the interest of this community.


Strap the golf clubs to the back of that ride and I’m all set to golf in Ohio from April through November. Install a couple of 6X9s behind the seats, heat, AC, heated seats. In set. Hell, I’d even deliver mail around town in that thing once my Internet days are over. Looks fun.

One more from Mike T.:

Indy Daryl has a new job

• Mr. Do Hard Things stops by today with a life update and the best business decision he’s ever made:

Been a bit incognito lately as I took a week off between jobs (just started the new one yesterday!) but wanted to get in on the best decisions conversation. By far and away the best decision I ever made was marrying my lovely bride at the young age of 22.

We had no idea what we were getting into, but 15 years later we are, in my opinion at least, still crushing it! And the best decision we ever made as a couple was to have kids sooner rather than later (our first daughter was due on our second anniversary). We wanted our kids to have as much time with their grandparents and great grandparents as possible. And it worked!! 3 of my kids have spent significant time with my grandpa and 2 others met 3 more great-grandparents. It has been an incredible ride and I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Sorry about your Bengals! New job is based in Cincinnati and there definitely was an “aura” of sadness over the whole city yesterday as I had orientation. At least you have a good foundation! (Says the broncos fan who has just a CF of situation to root for).


And Indy Daryl said he’d be in for a quick trip south to Louisville for a Bourbon Bro summit. That’s big news folks. I know many of you have been jonesing to pick Mr. Do Hard Things’ brain. I just hope he doesn’t start throwing out appearance fee numbers at me.

BTW, I’ve had Indy Daryl’s work-from-home standup desk thing on my brain. For the first time in 15 years, this sitting down thing is starting to wear on me.

That’s it. This is another packed screencaps and I have a zoom to attend. You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.

Let’s get rolling on the first day of February. By the end of the month, I’ll be thinking about spring golf and patio season. Let’s go give ’em hell for 28 days. Stand strong.

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Stuff You Guys Sent In & Stuff I Like:

The Wonder Years starring Fred Savage aired its pilot episodes today in 1988 following ABC’s coverage of Super Bowl XXII. The series would run for six seasons airing a total of 115 episodes. #80s #80stv

— LandOfThe80s (@landofthe80s) January 31, 2023

On January 21st, CBP officers working pedestrian outbound operations at the Nogales POE confiscated an undeclared AK style assault rifle concealed under a person’s clothing.

— Port Director Michael W. Humphries (@CBPPortDirNOG) January 31, 2023

On 1/28, the ORD tag team of Rockie & Bettie alerted to multiple bags from the same passenger. Officers inspected & found 33 lbs of yams, 22 lbs of plantains, 11 lbs of avocados, 2 lbs of lemon grass, 4 lbs of ebon fruit, & 7 lbs of wood. The GE member said he didn’t know the rules.

— CBP Chicago (@CBPChicago) January 31, 2023

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