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Dixon residents leave apartment, come back to deer in bedroom

DIXON, Ill. (WTVO) — Dixon residents came home to a new roommate, but it is not the kind that many would welcome.

The unwanted roommate was a deer. Officers said that they could not believe the call was real.

“The deer broke into the apartment window… I’m thinking, like, ‘is this really happening right now,'” said Dixon Police Officer Carlos Farias.

Farias has been with the Dixon Police Department for four years. He said that animal calls are not uncommon, but the complaints are usually about cats, bats, snakes and dogs.

“I’m from Texas. That never happens down there, but here, first time for me, and sounded like first time that anybody has heard of it for our department as well,” he said.

The deer was hiding between the bed and nightstand. Farias had to think quick and wrestle with the deer to get it out of the apartment.

“The deer was destroying the person’s apartment bedroom, and I felt like I had to get it out of there, you know, do the right thing and get it out of there before it finished destroying anything else,” Farias said. “Most animals, they always have a collar and this how you control them, right, so I figured if I grabbed from the neck I can somewhat control it, but when it started kicking, that’s when I picked it up from its neck.”

They released the animal back outside once it was contained.

“When you’re in a bind and need help, call us, we will try to help you out,” Farias said. “That’s how they felt. They needed help, they didn’t know what to do, so they called us.”

Dixon Police said that the deer could have been looking for food, but encouraged residents to call if a deer or any other animal breaks into their home.

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