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Domestic Abuse Texting Hotline Now Open 24/7 in St Louis | St Louis Metro News | st louis

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Text 314-531-2003 for help night or day

Survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault now have a phone number that they can text for help 24 hours a day.

The Safe Connections Crisis Textline (314-531-2003) started in 2021 to give people an easy way to contact the organization. Safe Connections has been providing help to survivors of domestic and sexual violence in the St. Louis area for more than 40 years.

For Safe Connections, the Crisis Textline is all about meeting people where they are in order to best serve them. The trusted institution’s Crisis Textline has been such a great tool that they’ve now expanded it to serve around the clock. That means you’ll get a quick response even if you text it at 4 am

Texting is often easier than calling for many people including those of the younger generations, non-English speakers, people who are deaf and people who live in a shared home with their abuser. Callers and texters to the hotline may also remain anonymous or call from a blocked number without issue.

If you find yourself in a situation that you’re not sure how to escape, or if you need help as a result of a sexual assault, you can text (or call) Safe Connections at 314-531-2003 and be highly trained advocate will be on the other side of the phone line ready to support you.

Safe Connections can provide emergency transportation; assist with safety planning; set up one-on-one therapy; and give referrals for shelter, legal aid, medical care and more. If you’re in need of assistance and don’t know where to start, let Safe Connections help you figure it out.

Safe Connections 24-Hour Crisis Helpline / Textline: 314-531-2003

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