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How do I get rid of my Christmas decorations?

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Christmas may be over, but there is no rush once residents decide to take down their Christmas tree, as there will be a place to recycle it.

“Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful” will have Christmas tree collection sites once again this year. Residents should make sure to take off all of the ornaments, lights and other decorations before January 2.

Rock River Disposal will also be collecting trees from Rockford residents on their normally scheduled garbage pick-up day. It usually begins in the second week of January.

Most wrapping paper is recyclable, so “Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful” is encouraging residents to not throw out all of that paper. Residents can test if their wrapping paper is recyclable by crumpling it into a ball.

If it stays in a ball, it is recyclable. If it pops back open, it is not.

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