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How Missouri and Illinois are approaching redistribution

In the latest episode of Politically Speaking, Sarah Kellogg and Eric Schmid of St. Louis Public Radio examine how Missouri and Illinois are handling the once-a-decade redistribution process.

The delay in collecting census data caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in states across the country extending their processes and holding some special sessions to address responsibility.

Kellogg speaks with St. Louis Public Radio’s Jason Rosenbaum about Missouri not having a special redistribution session, moving most of the process into the general 2022 legislature.

Schmid interviews Hannah Meisel of NPR Illinois about the Illinois Democrats’ decision to release the first version of their state redistribution map without the 2020 census data.

The following was discussed on the show:

• Missouri Governor Mike Parson’s decision not to have a special legislative session, legislative reactions, and who might use the opportunity to address the redistribution of Congress during the General Assembly.

• Three Congressional Districts that could see big changes and a decade-long alliance between Black Democrats and Republicans through Missouri’s 1st Congressional District.

• How the Illinois Democrats’ decision to create their first version of a legislative redistribution map using data from non-census data has now resulted in multiple legal proceedings.

• The role Illinois plays in maintaining a Democratic majority in the US House of Representatives.

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