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Illinois Receives $ 17 Billion From Bipartisan Infrastructure Package – The Southland Journal

Illinois Receives $ 17 Billion From Bipartisan Infrastructure Package (Springfield, IL) – House Speaker Emanuel “Chris” Welch welcomed the passage of bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Bill. If President Joe Biden’s bill is signed, it will create a generation of well-paid union jobs and modernize the aging infrastructure of our state.

“This legislation is critical to the future of Illinois and the rest of the country,” said spokesman Welch. “It is the largest long-term investment in our infrastructure and will fuel our economy by creating millions of jobs. This bill is also a huge step forward in the fight against climate change, and coupled with the work already done in the state legislature, Illinois remains a leader for the nation in a clean energy economy. “

As the Chicago Sun-Times reports, the expenses from the plan will “affect all of Illinois from Chicago to Cairo.” The legislation will repair and rebuild roads and bridges with a focus on climate protection, improve healthy, sustainable transportation, and build the first national network of electric vehicle chargers to provide convenient charging options. It will roll out broadband to ensure every Illinois resident has access to high-speed internet and provides safe drinking water to every home by eliminating lead pipes and pipes.

“I am incredibly grateful for the work of Congress and the leadership of President Biden,” said Spokesman Welch. “This historic infrastructure package will be negotiated and adopted across parties and will stimulate our economy and enable meaningful investments in our future.”

According to analysis by Sens. Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth and the White House, Illinois’ influence over five years is:

  • $ 1.7 billion to “improve the drinking and wastewater infrastructure across Illinois,” building on legislative proposals led by Duckworth.
  • $ 9.8 billion for federal highway projects.
  • $ 1.4 billion for bridge replacements and repairs. Also, the state could get more if it succeeds with competitive grants.
  • About $ 4 billion to “improve public transportation across the state.”
  • At least $ 100 million for broadband coverage across the state. There are currently approximately 228,000 Illinois residents who do not currently have broadband. Approximately 2.9 million low-income Illinois residents would have internet access.
  • Approximately $ 616 million for airport improvements. A new airport terminal improvement program will provide a $ 5 billion funding pool to the Department of Transportation through September 30, 2030 to provide competitive grants to “Projects Addressing Aging Infrastructure at National Airports” to provide.
  • $ 149 million to fund the expansion of the Illinois electrical store network. Additionally, Illinois interests could vie for grants to recharge electric vehicles from a pool of $ 2.5 billion.
  • $ 27 million to protect against forest fires
  • $ 22 million to protect against cyberattacks.

Illinois receives $ 17 billion from the non-partisan infrastructure package

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