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Judge orders up prison for man who fell asleep in a White Castle drive-thru with a gun in his lap | Crime and Courts

The officers dragged Bratcher, who was still fighting, out of the car.

The officers searched the car and found knotted cellophane bags in Bratcher’s backpack containing substances that tested positive for heroin and cocaine.

Bratcher told police that these were his personal drugs and that he was using 5 grams of heroin a day.

U.S. Assistant Attorney Caitlin Padula stated in a court note she had previously written that the weight of the drug is more in line with trade, as 5 grams per day is almost certainly a lethal amount.

Investigators found that Bratcher has a criminal record dating back to the age of 13 when he was first convicted of a juvenile offender for owning a stolen vehicle.

His youth record also contains arrests for burglary and gun injury.

At the time of his arrest last year, he was on parole for serious illicit use of a gun in Illinois and awaiting trial in Crown Point’s Lake Criminal Court for a separate violation – the illegal possession of a firearm by a serious violent criminal .

Chicago police believed Bratcher was a member of the Disciple Street gang.

Bratcher described the wound sustained in the past from a gunfight and machete attack as “on the streets at the wrong time in the wrong place.”

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