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Malawi: First Lady Chakwera Launches Diaspora’s Sisterhood for Change With a Call for Collaborative Networking to Influence Development in Malawi

First Lady Monica Chakwera has called on the Malawians living in the diaspora to actively participate in the development of their country in their homeland.

Chakwera called Saturday afternoon when she was virtually starting a new group called the Malawian Women in Diaspora Network (MWDN), also known as the Sisterhood for Change.

The First Lady stressed that it is the responsibility of every citizen to develop the country and stated that this task cannot be done by one person.

She also called for greater networking between different actors, both at home and in the diaspora, if solutions are to be found to most of the challenging problems Malawi is facing.

“Malawi is blessed with many resources. Let us use our uniqueness to achieve our common goal. We need the unity of the goal and with that we will see that our productivity increases,” said Madam Chakwera.

Madam Chakwera, whose Shape the Future Foundation charity is more focused on improving the lives of girls, commended the Diaspora women for developing such an initiative that is paramount in finding ways to improve the lives of Malawians will be girl ‘.

Chakwera is happy that women in the diaspora are already influencing things in Malawi through business, knowledge transfer, skills sharing and referrals.

She added that the untapped human and social capital available in the diaspora must be used effectively.

The first lady felt that the connection between people in the diaspora and at home had not been fully used and their potential was only minimally realized.

She therefore urged the women that geographic locations should not be an obstacle to networking, especially in this day and age when technology can bring people from different parts of the world together for meetings and networking.

“I commend you women in the diaspora for the spirit of networking and the choice to work together. I am beneficial mentorship from people who have made me be where I am and I believe with this group you will Not only will you advise each other but you will also advise and inspire many girls and women in Malawi. I now declare the Malawian Women in Diaspora Network group and their official website for the opening, “said Chakwera.

The Saturday event was packed with many inspiring stories from different women who overcame obstacles on their way and make a difference in different areas and communities.

Edith Chicago Parker shared the new group’s mission and vision, which will include coordinating information for Malawi’s development, knowledge sharing and investment, and philanthropic activities.

The group also aims to connect Malawian women and girls to build networks and partnerships for the empowerment and development of Malawi.

Inspirational speakers include Ruth Mbera, who shared her entrepreneurial history as Head Chef Mavis Kadzanja and the growth of her business for personal development, Dr. Grace Kamchulesi from the National Planning Commission, Tina Sayenda and also Joyce Obaseki, their organization Grant a Smile UK, provide cleaning support services to families or individuals struggling in difficult lives.

Dr. Dalitso Sulamoyo, of the United States, who is currently the chief executive officer of United States National Community Action Partnerships (NCAP), an organization that represents over 1000 different community organizations in the Urbana, Illinois area.

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Dr. Sulamoyo encouraged the women not to look back, but to work on developing strategies that take into account their strengths, available opportunities, aspirations, and the meaningful outcomes that result from them.

Similar remarks were made by well-known social activists Bhatupe Mhango Chipanta and Dr. Fulata Moyo, whose inspiring stories gave the new members of the group the much-needed energy and excitement.

The State House’s Special Advisor to the First Lady, Pastor Macduff Phiri, also took the time to provide a brief background on the Shaping the Future Foundation.

The British singer Matamando provided light entertainment.

One of the organizers of the event, Dr. Naomi Msusa, speaking to the Nyasa Times, said the diaspora women’s group is honored that the first lady has made herself available to start the group.

Msusa said that women in the diaspora can register with the network through the website

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