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Neighbors concerned for safety after woman shot and killed at Pinnon’s

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – In the many years Johnny Nelson has lived on the northwest side of Rockford, he’s learned being a neighbor and regular at Pinnon’s Meat Market, go hand in hand.

“I walk in there everyday. This is the main meat market here in town, no doubt about it,” said Nelson. “They’re family to me, every single one of them over there at Pinnon’s.”

Nelson is one of many left with a feeling of shock, after hearing the news of a 63-year-old woman was shot to death at the Butcher Shop, around 3:30 Wednesday afternoon.

“It’s very, very sad,” said Nelson.

“It’s my local meat market to go and shop, and they’re very good people,” said Pinnon’s regular Krista Gustafson.

Krista Gustafson lives a few streets down from Pinnon’s. On top of wondering why someone would do this, Gustafson fears for her safety, especially considering this violent crime happened in a residential neighborhood, in broad daylight.

“It’s always busy, I go there on a weekly basis,” said Gustafson. “It’s very concerning.”

Both Gustafson and Nelson believe violence across the Forest City has gotten out of hand, and it’s hitting far too close to home.

“The northwest side is getting choked out, it’s really bad,” said Nelson. “It’s horrible, absolutely horrible.”

There’s little information released as Rockford Police investigate the fatal incident. Neighbors say their united in prayer for the Pinnon’s family, with the hope officers can find who is responsible.

“Prayers and love out to these families,” said Gustafson.

Nelson says he gave police the footage captured from his Ring Doorbell when the shooting occurred. Rockford Police are actively investigating the fatal incident, and ask anyone with information to speak up.

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