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Ohio State grad Matt Amodio takes 35th straight ‘Jeopardy!’ victory

Once again, Matt Amodio, an Ohio state graduate from Medina County, easily outpaced his competitors and won his 35th “Jeopardy!” Title in a row. Competition during the television broadcast on Tuesday evening.

Amodio won $ 50,000 for a total of $ 1,400, $ 801 in 35 days.

Amodio and his two competitors, Anthony Christopher-Smith, a social worker from Newark, New Jersey, and Angie Vroom Givant, a writer from La Crescenta, Calif., Each responded with “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” when asked “This The term “nutrition and health” was introduced by fruit scientist JT Stinson at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. “

Christopher-Smith closed at $ 17,200 and Vroom Givant at $ 4,800.

Amodio is aiming for his 36th victory in a row on Wednesday evening.

OSU graduate Matt Amodio wins $ 83,000 for his personal best of the day on Jeopardy! TV broadcast on October 5th

Ohio State graduate and Medina County native Matt Amodio set a new personal record for one-day earnings after scoring his 34th “Jeopardy!” Game during the Monday evening broadcast.

Amodio put $ 37,000 on “Final Jeopardy” and answered the question “10 years before a more famous work”, he wrote in 1503 with “Machiavelli” correctly that one must deal with rebels by appeasing or eliminating them.

Amodio easily surpassed Mike Howard, a retired ironworker and writer from Peculiar, Missouri, who graduated at $ 4,401, and Elizabeth Mitchell, a student and part-time engagement specialist from Rosemead, California, who graduated at $ 200.

Amodio will score his 35th consecutive win on Tuesday evening.

OSU graduate Matt Amodio now has the second most popular ‘Jeopardy!’ Victories of all time with 33rd win

Born in Medina County and Ohio State graduate Matt Amodio continues his rise in all-time jeopardy! Leaderboard.

Amodio won $ 55,400 on Friday night’s airing for his 33rd straight win on the show and sole ownership for second place on the list of most wins in the show’s history.

Ken Jennings holds the all-time lead with 74 wins.

“Danger!” compared statistics from Amodio, Jennings and Holzhauer in a video released on Friday.

Amodio defeated Samantha Wells, a PhD student from Urbana, Illinois who graduated with $ 4,700, and Thomas Dai, a PhD student from Cambridge, Massachusetts who graduated with $ 1.

Amodio was the only participant who answered the question “San Francisco” correctly: “The April 26, 1906 edition of The Call, a newspaper in that city, reported the heroic death of Hoseman James O’Neil.”

Amodio shared his feelings after his 33rd victory in an interview with “Jeopardy!” where he again expressed his admiration for Jennings.

OSU graduate Matt Amodio takes second most ‘Jeopardy!’ wins all time with 32nd victory

A native of Medina County and Ohio State graduate Matt Amodio now has the second most Jeopardy! Story with his 32nd straight win on Thursday night’s television broadcast of the game show.

With 32 wins, Amodio is tied with former master James Holzhauer. They follow Ken Jennings, who has 74 wins.

Amodio won $ 54,400, beating Andrew Fox, a museum web and interactive developer from Novato, California who ended up with $ 10,000, and Abigail Noy, a screen printer from New York, New York who ended up with $ 4,999 .

Jeopardy Champion Matt Amodio on the set of the game show.

Amodio and Fox each correctly answered “Wizard of Oz” to the “Final Jeopardy” question of “A 2000 Library of Congress exhibition named this 1900 work” America’s Greatest and Most Popular Native American Fairy Tale. “

Amodio, who has a total of $ 1,212,401 over 32 days, is aiming for that 33rd straight win on Monday night.

Amodio reached another milestone on Thursday evening with his 1,000 correct answers on the show.

OSU graduate Matt Amodio wins 31st in a row ‘Jeopardy!’ game

A native of Medina County and a graduate of Ohio State University, Matt Amodio is a win from another “Jeopardy!” Milestone.

Amodio won $ 50,600 on Wednesday night’s television show for winning his 31st straight game on the game show.

He is aiming for his 32nd victory in a row on Thursday evening.

If Amodio wins, he will be James Holzhauer for second place in the all-time jeopardy! Win list.

Amodio addressed the opportunity in a tweet he sent out Wednesday night.

Amodio won $ 50,600, defeating Daniel Pecoraro, a nonprofit manager and tour guide from Brooklyn, New York, who ended up with $ 5,378, and Adriana Granados, a study advisor from Fontana, California, who ended up with $ 1,000.

Amodio was the only one who really “Pegasus” on the “Final Jeopardy!” Question from “The Hippocrene Spring, consecrated to the Muses, was so named because this descendant of Medusa produced it.”

Amodio quoted his elementary school for making the “Final Jeopardy!” answer correctly.

Amodio now has a total of 31 days worth $ 1,158,001.

OSU graduate Matt Amodio surpasses “Jeopardy!” For 30th consecutive year. Game win on September 28th

A native of Medina County and Ohio State University graduate Matt Amodio, featured on the television show “Jeopardy!”

Amodio won $ 70,400 to help Stu Selonick, a television writer from Los Angeles, California who ended up with $ 16,000, and Lori Waters, a retired teacher from New Braunfels, Texas who ended up with $ 7,599 to defeat.

Amodio now has a 30-day total value of $ 1,107,401.

Amodio, Selonick and Waters all correctly answered “Africa” ​​to the “Final Jeopardy!” Question from “It is the only continent whose mainland lies in all 4 hemispheres, which are defined by the equator and the prime meridian.”

Amodio is aiming for his 31st victory in a row on Wednesday evening.

Matt Amodio wins the 29th ‘Jeopardy!’ Game and $ 33,000 on September 27th

For Matt Amodio, who is from Medina County and is a graduate of Ohio State University, his first “Jeopardy!” Play on Monday night after breaking the $ 1 million mark last Friday night.

Amodio won $ 33,000 to easily overtake Justin Stanley, a data scientist based in Vancouver, Washington. which ended in $ 5,899; and Angélica Wilcox, an AV service support team leader from Kansas City, Kansas, which ended in $ 13. it was Amodio’s 29th straight win on the game show.

Amodio was the only one who got “Bruce Springsteen” right on the “Final Jeopardy!” Asking “A new studio album in 2020 has given him a top 5 album in 6 consecutive decades, his first in 1975.”

Amodio, who has a total of $ 1,037,001 over 29 days, is aiming for his 30th straight win on the show on Tuesday night.

Matt Amodio tops ‘Jeopardy!’ Broadcast with 28th straight win on September 24th

A native of Medina County and an Ohio State University graduate, Matt Amodio wrote in “Jeopardy!” Win with his 28th straight win on Friday night’s television show.

Amodio won $ 48,800 during the Friday night broadcast and currently has a total of $ 1,004,001 during its run on the show.

Amodio joked about the dollar in its grand total in a tweet on Saturday morning.

Amodio ranks third on the list of top non-tournament play winners, behind only Ken Jennings ($ 2,462,216) and James Holzhauer ($ 2,520,700).

Amodio and his competitor Troy Pozirekides, a written communications specialist from Santa Monica, California, both correctly answered “Lusitania” to the “Final Jeopardy” question: the last captain of that ship in 1915. “

Pozirekides closed at $ 14,400.

Rebecca Fox, an administrative assistant from Pasadena, California, ended up with negative money and did not participate in Final Jeopardy.

Amodio is aiming for his 29th straight win on the Monday night show.

Matt Amodio wins $ 25,800 on ‘Jeopardy’ on September 23rd

A native of Medina County and Ohio state graduate Matt Amodio approaches in “Jeopardy!” Profit after winning his 27th straight game on Thursday night.

Amodio won $ 25,800 to defeat his rivals Guhan Venkatesan, a student and EMT from New Providence, New Jersey, and Guhan Venkatesan at Jeopardy! Caroline Minkus, an ophthalmologist from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Amodio was the only candidate Thursday night to miss the Final Jeopardy question: “In the King James Version, these creatures are a plague in Exodus 10, but in Leviticus 11 they are considered okay to eat.”

He got the question correct with “locusts” but crossed it out and answered “frogs” but only bet $ 1,000 and defeated Venkatesan for $ 22,993 and Minkus for $ 17,200.

Amodio has a total of $ 955,201 over 27 days and will take his 28th straight win on Friday night.

The Berlin Wall’s response helps Matt Amodio win another $ 36,200 on Jeopardy during the September 22nd broadcast

Ohio State graduate Matt Amodio, originally from Medina County, extended his winning streak to 26 on Wednesday night at Jeopardy! by winning $ 36,200 on the game show.

Amodio again outperformed rivals Christopher Stucky, a communications specialist from Bloomington, Illinois, and Paula Scheider, an ROI trainer from Tulsa, Oklahoma, which ended up with $ 8,800 and $ 1, respectively.

Amodio was the only candidate who won “Final Jeopardy!” correct by answering the question “Berlin Wall” to the question “A total of 96 miles during its 3 decades of existence, the most famous part of which was about as long as an Olympic marathon”.

Amodio will score his 27th straight win on the show on Thursday night.

Matt Amodio

Knowledge of children’s books helped Matt Amodio win $ 36,200 on the September 21 broadcast

Matt Amodio drove his “Jeopardy!” Streak of victories during the television game show broadcast on Tuesday night.

Amodio won $ 36,200 during the televised broadcast for a total of $ 893,201 in 25 days, outperforming its competitors who finished at $ 6,600 and $ 3,000.

He entered “Final Jeopardy!” with $ 23,200 and a commanding lead in the game.

Amodio bet $ 13,000 in the round and responded to the “Final Jeopardy!” Question: “One of her books says:” It is said that the effects of too much lettuce are ‘drowsy’ …

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