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Rockford Renegades are gearing up for the Pop Warner Regional Championship

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – On Saturday, the Rockford Renegades U9 team will attempt to add another trophy to its 2021 season as the team heads for the Mid-America Regional Championship.

“We have already won the national championship and then have already done the Midwest Gridiron Classic as far as Dekalb and in the end we finished second and then worked towards this regional championship,” said Head Coach Patrick Mckiski.

Renegades Football President and Lutheran Head Coach Ron Gates views the program as a way to make Stateline athletes successful.

“The (high school) kids at the games say, ‘Thanks, coach and everything you’ve done for me and all that stuff,’ I know it’s still pretty young, but that’s where they learn the game and there they climb them up and hopefully they can play for a national championship here in five or six years, ”said Gates.

The Renegades hope to bring one of three potential soccer trophies to the region this week as Lena-Winslow and Byron try to win 1A and 3A state titles in their respective classes.

“There are only three teams left, Lena-Winslow, Byron and us, I know we’re nine years old, but not everyone is on a championship team in their lifetime, representing Mid-America and Chicagoland Pop Warner and catching up with the regional championship Home, ”said Gates.

“It’s definitely fun to get them out of here,” said Mckiski, “they’ll be a team again.”

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