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Rockford Scanner™: Perseid meteor shower generates early ‘shooting stars’, Peaks on the 11th

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If you are worried about the full moon washing out the Perseid meteor shower.
Tonight will be a good night to go out and stargaze! (Before the peak)

The full moon is expected on August 11th, the same date the Perseid meteor shower is supposed to peak.

There are a lot of meteors that are expected with this meteor shower,
Sadly, the August full Sturgeon supermoon will prevent viewing many of them.

Just because it peaks on the 11th, does not mean that it is not producing meteors now!

You can see some early arrival meteors!

This year’s Perseid peak will be fairly dismal by the usual standards, because of the moon being full and at its closest point to Earth.

Visible meteors will range between 10 and 20 per hour at best, according to a statement from NASA astronomer Bill Cooke.

By contrast, excellent seeing conditions often produce between 50 and 100 “shooting stars” or visible meteors during the Perseids peak,
as long as you’re standing in a zone with little light pollution and with clear skies.

The Perseids meteor shower ranges for weeks between mid-July and late August, as Earth moves through bits of ice and rock left behind by Comet Swift-Tuttle.

Whatever night you choose to observe the Perseids, the logistics are pretty easy.

Find the darkest spot possible in your location, bring a lawn chair and snacks to stay comfortable, and try to go out around 2 am local time to get the best view.

Give your eyes plenty of time (20 minutes or so) to adjust to the darkness.

Get out tonight, and watch some meteors!

We highly recommend you going out to the country and away from the city light pollution, to view the meteor shower.

NWS said Less humid conditions will prevail into the weekend.
Conditions should remain free of precipitation through the end of the week, though a few stray showers are possible early Thursday.
So the viewing conditions seem to be good, if you go out tonight.
Just a reminder, it is Mother Nature. She can and will do as she pleases, so ye may or may not see meteors.
Your best chance for seeing them, is going out to the country, away from city lights and look up around 2am.


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