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U of I researchers developing robot to help perform household tasks | Top Stories

URBANA, Ill (WAND) — Researchers at the University of Illinois are looking into how robots can help older adults.

They are teaming up with the Hello Robot Company to design a robot that can perform helpful tasks.

Stretch the Robot, is five feet tall and has telescoping arms. Researchers said Stretch will help older people with cognitive impairment and limited mobility perform everyday tasks including, picking things up, opening cabinets, delivering medications and cleaning.

It’s currently being tested with residents at Clark Lindsey Senior Living in Urbana.

“We see this as a way to augment the care that people are receiving. There are fewer and fewer caregivers around. So how might we use robotic technology to augment the care that family members will be able to give their parents,” said U of I Economic Professor of Applied Health Science, Wendy Rogers.

Rogers said they will be looking for volunteers to help test out the capabilities of the robot.

To find out more information regarding the project, click here.

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