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What do out of town visitors think of Rockford?

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Rockford had a few visitors this week with the Synchronized Skating Sectional Championships taking place at the BMO Center.

“Nice community, everyone is really nice, friendly,” said Jay Lopez a resident of Chicago.

“So I met someone from Massachusetts as well as someone from Oregon,” said Khai Yang to a visitor from out of town.

“Honestly it’s been nicer weather here than it is in Minnesota, so it’s been like a little treat for us,” said Patti and River who reside in Minnesota.

According to many from outside the Stateline, there are a few things to like about Rockford.

“We did tour the Swiss Cottage here, that was just amazing, really cool piece of history,” Patti and River said.

“We went bowling which was really fun, we were planning on doing that,” said Olivia and Lucy who traveled to Rockford to compete.

For many skating took up all the time in the Forest City. Still, they had a chance to see one of the centerpieces of Rockford, the BMO Center.

“The most important part is the visibility you can see from the kind of every aspect of the rink what’s going on which is perfect here cause there’s nothing that’s blocking your view,” Lopez said.

“I think the way it was set up like you could see everybody kind of like helped,” Lucy and Olivia said.

“Well we were talking earlier about how we love this arena because the sound system is amazing. It’s really really important to be able to hear their music,” Patti and River said.

“It’s great that Rockford is hosting it, and allow others to see what synchronized skating is all about. So enjoy Rockford, enjoy the skating, and learn about a new sport,” Yang said.

Skating will run through the weekend.

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