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Don’t let the freezing temperatures break your house’s pipes

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Temperatures have been dropping across the Stateline which could put your home’s pipes in danger.

“It’s better to be preventative than to have to call out a plumber after hours or on holidays because it’s not going to be a small bill,” said David Mapes the owner of Mapes Plumbing and Heating.

There are many ways to prevent freezing or breaking pipes. Tips to use before having to resort to calling your local plumber.

“To keep from freezing your pipes. Open your cabinet doors if your sinks on the outside walls you know just get some warmth to them. You could use a small space heater or a heat gun, but be smart about it. Don’t put it directly onto something. Just heat the area,” Mapes said.

Always take precaution when using heated equipment. A heated fan will also help when put on the frozen area.

“Sometimes you could have frozen drain lines. What I usually suggest there is mix up a mixture of water and even just table salt. Pour it down those drains. It’ll keep those drains from freezing up,” Mapes said.

Insulation is vital for covering the pipes that may not have access to them to heat up.

Well there’s some pipes you aren’t able to prevent because they are inside of the wall,” Mapes said. “You can’t get to all of it. sometime the insulation in the attic aren’t completely over where the pipes are.”

If possible letting your water run helps. Running water will not freeze so always recommend a slight trickle when you open the faucet.

“When people call about the frozen pipes. I won’t just jump in the truck and run out there. I’ll tell them if it’s not leaking at that point you may have caught it soon enough. You can actually get some heat to that have the faucet open and once it thaws out and starts running keep that trickle going then,” Mapes said.

Make sure any outdoor hoses are undone. Water can sit inside and freeze. This is usually realized when you water your grass in the spring and instead your filling your basement.

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