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DECATUR, ILL. (WAND) – Local farmer, David Brown says farmers in Macon County are seeing good harvests this fall.

“So now, we’re finally going hard at getting this crop harvested. Our yields on this area have been very good. Probably above our five-year average,” said Brown.

However, not every region has been that lucky. Some surrounding counties who experienced a dryer season won’t be seeing the same results.

“But other areas of the state like Champaign County did not get some of the rain this summer that we did here in Macon County,” Brown explained.

Heading further into fall, about three quarters of the state are abnormally dry and almost one-fourth is under a moderate drought. With farmers about halfway thorough fall harvest, law enforcement is urging people to be cautious of equipment out on the road.

“When you see that big green truck out there, that big green tractor, slow down and give plenty of advance as you approach them,” said Sgt. Scott Flannery with the Macon County Sheriff’s Department.

The main thing they’re asking from people is patience.

“The fastest these tractors go up and down the road is probably anywhere from 17 to 22 miles per hour,” said Brown.

“The recognize the fact that you’re trying to pass them, they see you coming up on them. They do the best they can to get over into the road and into the ditch. They got a job to do, they got a short span to get it done in. So, they’re working some long hours,” said Sgt. Flannery.

Brown is also encouraging everyone to just pay attention.

“When you’re out in the country you need to pay attention. Farmers, you see somebody coming in your rear-view mirror, get over let them come by be courteous. You’ll all get to where you want to go,” said Brown.

Farmers are hoping to start wrapping up harvest by the second week of November.

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