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Google reveals Augusta’s top searches for 2022

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Can you guess what some of the top search terms this year were in the CSRA? Google compiled some year-round data, and the answers might surprise you.

Each year, Google releases its “Year in Search” report which offers insight into the most popular questions on people’s minds across the globe and trending searches on pop culture, sports, music, news, and more.

But this year, Google also launched a local hub, showcasing the shared interests of communities across the United States.

Generally, “near me” searches spiked this year compared to 2021, perhaps because more people were looking to get out of their homes due to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

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Augustans were looking most for “oxtails” near them, the only place in the entire country with the term as its top trending search. Augustans were also looking for the “best breakfast” near them, one of only two places in the country to search the most for the term along with Peoria, Illinois.

Perhaps most interestingly, the top searched animal in Augusta was a ‘Great Eared Nightjar,’ a type of nocturnal bird that is not even indigenous to the area and is mostly found in Southwest India and Southeast Asia.

The area’s top recipe was Oyster Stew, and the top music genre was Rap, according to Google.

Here is ten of Augusta’s top trending “near me” searches for 2022:

  1. Oxtails near me
  2. Cheapest gas near me
  3. colon cleanse near me
  4. Prom dresses near me
  5. best breakfast near me
  6. Vietnamese food near me
  7. Gas prices near me
  8. concrete companies near me
  9. gynecologist near me
  10. AA meetings near me

To learn more about Google’s Year in Review, click here.

Sophie Brams with sister station WCBD in Charleston contributed to this story.

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