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Photo Club celebrates 75 years in the Stateline

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – Celebrating 75 years in the Stateline, the Rockford Photo Club took over Midway Village Museum for a picture-perfect event.

Club members presented some of their best images and reflected on their growth over the past several years. There was also a display of antique cameras and accessories for visitors to check out. Organizers say the celebration brings awareness about the club to some who didn’t know about it. It also honors some members who have been with the club for decades.

Jeff Carpenter of the Rockford Photo Club says, “We try to help educate people, give them a chance to learn and a chance to pass on their skills and their knowledge. We also want them to show us what they can do and to help people learn a little bit more about how to capture light and capture those memories and those moments.”

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