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Red light cameras could come to Rockford

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – Over the past two years, Rockford had more than 40 fatal car crashes. As a result, Mayor Tom McNamara is now considering implementing red light and speed cameras.

“The number one concern I hear from many residents is the high rate of speed and the lack of following basic rules of roads,” said McNamara.

However, state law does not permit cameras in Winnebago County. Therefore, Rockford City Council added the installation of traffic cameras to its list of legislative priorities.

“I believe we should have a lot more control here locally about what takes place here in our community. Right now, red light cameras among many other things are decided in Springfield, should our counties have them or not. I think those discussions should take place here,” said McNamara.

When the cameras are installed, the Mayor will focus on school zones and high pedestrian areas to help reduce incidents and save a few lives.

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