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Rockford Park District hosts “Cutting the Red Tape” expo

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – Working together and networking is two key job skills that were put to the test at a local small business expo hosted by the Rockford Park District.

Called “Cutting the Red Tape”, the expo was held at the UW Health Sports Facility. It gives attendees the chance to easily build contacts, create connections and grow their businesses. Government agencies in attendance include the City of Rockford, Northern Illinois Reach and RPS schools.

“Bringing this all together was just something that was a common goal for all of us, so we’re really happy that it’s happening and we’re happy with the turnout,” says Rockford Park District Purchasing Manager Tamara Ray.

One of the vendors at the expo is the Chatham Business Association to offer attendees resources to take advantage of Illinois infrastructure dollars in 2023 and help small businesses connect with larger businesses in Illinois.

They are also part of Illinois Community Navigators to help underserved and small businesses statewide.

“There’s not a lot of reach in surrounding areas, especially in Chicago and we want to be that arm. It’s our responsibility to help the surrounding areas in Illinois and give them the resources they need to grow,” says Associate Director Beverly Nall.

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