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How much does it cost to run Christmas lights in Illinois?

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber ​​Monday are in the books, and the holiday season is upon us.

That means for many Stateline residents, it is officially time to put up their indoor and outdoor Christmas lights.

But like everything else that requires electricity, there’s a cost to run those lights. With utility bills expecting to rise this winter, it may be worth nothing what that cost could be.

According to housemethod, it will run the average Illinois resident around $17.22 to run their Christmas lights regularly from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day this year.

No, that doesn’t mean one can slide in for under $20 to go all Clark W Griswold. There’s something of a catch.

Home Method based the average on current ComEd rates and about 130 feet of lights: the popular little hanging icicles, the standard twinkling ones that go around doors and entryways, Christmas tree lights, and two 6-foot inflatable lawn decorations.

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As of Nov. 30, ComEd was residential charging customers anywhere from $.07 to $.12 per kWh for electricity.

Utility bills are usually higher in colder months, something the Rockford region will soon find out. Then there’s rising inflation and possible rate hikes that have some locals skipping lights this year or scaling way back.

Others say they’re concerned, but aren’t willing to sacrifice holiday spirit in order to save a few dollars.

“It’s always a concern but I love the lights,” said local resident Gennie Ustich. “So I keep right on going. I live in a big subdivision. I actually live on a cul-de-sac, and pretty much everybody in my neighborhood has lights outside the home.”

Illinois is not the most expensive state in which to run Christmas lights, according to Home Method. It isn’t the cheapest either. The most costly state is Hawaii, where residents pay an average of $38 during the holidays to light things up. The cheapest state is Washington, where it costs about $10.51.

Do you hang lights during the holidays? Send us your pictures of your indoor and outdoor lights.

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