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Rockford Police can seize ‘nuisance’ ATVs from private property

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) – Not only are Rockford residents required to register their ATVs, the city’s police officers have the authority to seize them in certain circumstances.

The city’s ordinance specifically allows police to impound ATVs that are suspected of being used unlawfully on streets or machines that are unregistered.

Officials say that means officers may go onto private property to seize them if they have probable cause.

Officers are also permitted to follow the process to obtain a warrant from a judge to impound ATVs.

Police to illegal ATV riders: ‘We are going to smash it’

City officials say illegal ATV riders have been a safety concern Rockford streets, not only for operators, but everyone they share roads with.

“We know the (reckless) ATV owners live in our community,” Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara said. “They have neighbors who see them come and go. “This, coupled with how dangerous chasing ATVs can be, makes getting them from private property important to our enforcement and the overall safety of our community.”

Rockford ATV owners must register their machines by Nov. 1.

There is no cost to register an all-terrain vehicle. Residents only need to register an ATV once. If an owner moves within the city, has updated contact information or the ATV is sold, the information would need to be updated in the registration system, the city said.

Register your ATV here.

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