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Short Summary:

At around 4:50 p.m. this afternoon, rescue workers responded in the area of ​​S Mulford Road and Baxter Road in Cherry Valley because of a serious car accident.

Several ambulances from Rockford and Cherry Valley were on hand to transport patients to local hospitals.

A person is said to have been critically injured.

Please avoid the area at this time.

We will update when we receive more information.

  • All parties involved are innocent until proven guilty in court.
  • We can only give information that IS made available to us.
  • As you know, the local police use encryption and are not transparent.
  • Some information may not be correct. If you make a mistake, please let us know so we can try to correct any errors.
  • Several people have asked questions and we have tried to answer as many as possible on our FAQ page.
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