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Stateliners enjoy the 7th annual Rockford Record Crawl

ROCKFORD, Illinois (WIFR) – Three record stores opened their doors for the 7th Rockford Record Crawl Saturday afternoon, offering great music, freebies and special prices.

Toad Hall, CD Store and Culture Shock all took part in what is known as a friendship contest. All participants received a punch card. After visiting all three stores, everyone participated to win gift cards for each store. As well as looking for great music, crawlers can enjoy a live band outside of Culture Shock.

“Over the years, vinyl has grown in popularity and more and more people have gotten into it. Then when the pandemic really started a few years ago, it became even more popular, ”said Skyler Davis, owner of Culture Shock. “So we see a lot of old and new customers who are going on a record tour.”

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