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The eviction moratorium ends, so landlords and tenants need financial support

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – Time has passed for anyone who postponed rent during the pandemic as the statewide eviction moratorium ends.

It officially ended October 4, and a local renter says it is time the eviction moratorium was extended by months during the pandemic.

“It’s really hard to argue that the eviction moratorium should continue,” said McKale Berg, a Rockford renter.

Berg believes it is time to get back to normal with the availability of vaccines and job vacancies. Still, he worries about how the landlords survived without monthly rent payments.

“This pandemic was devastating for everyone just professionally, but even the landlords to be able to afford the lifestyle they are currently living and things that I have to assume they will have to go out and look for.” said Berg.

Winnebago County’s board member Paul Arena is a landlord himself. He says the overtime eviction moratorium has become a messy process for landlords and tenants.

“So what I hear a lot from landlords is that they only sell their buildings, you know that single family homes in particular are selling properly because there is now a strong demand for single family homes so only potential rental properties are removed from inventory. “Said Arena.

Arena says there is a government rent assistance program that renters can apply for, but he says that unfortunately renters don’t always use that money to pay their rent.

“This was a never-ending attack on the landlords, so one at a time, largely unjustified, there was no reason to let the moratorium run that long,” said Arena.

Arena believes it will take time for renters and landlords to return to normal, and it could get worse before it gets better.

If tenants or landlords need financial assistance, they can apply for the federal rental assistance program to help them with rental costs.

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