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The proposal wanted to help fill a critical gap in the local homeless service system | Top Story

Urbana, Illinois (WAND) – Homeless service provider Champaign County Continuum bridges the void in the homeless service system by advocating year-round, low-barrier, emergency shelter for a single person.

According to the CSPH, they will seek proposals to fill the void, plan to promote local non-CSPH funds, and provide technical assistance in applying for Continuum-managed funds such as ESG programs.

“There are currently no single shelters that maintain low barriers to entry according to Continuum’s written standards,” said CSPH co-chair Breaden Belcher. “There is a great need for shelters that employ evidence-based, traumatic practices that focus on our most vulnerable people.”

Emergency shelter proposals should include:

  • Emphasize evidence-based practice and trauma-based care
  • Use the mitigation model
  • Faithfully practice the concept of living first
  • Culturally competent both in planning and in the provision of services, confirms the LGBTQ + population
  • Full participation in Continuum’s Coordinated Entry System as the official access point

According to the 2021 point-in-time census, a total of 148 people are homeless and 132 are living in emergency shelters.

Experts say a significant void has emerged since May that has resulted in a significant reduction in the capacity of single-person shelters and single-person shelters with low entry barriers. Lost.

The proposal included an outline of the proposal, a description of the service, how the shelter would respond to the above CSPH requirements, how the proposal would be integrated with other CSPH initiatives, and an approximate budget for the proposal. Must contain a cover letter.

Suggestions can be sent to Thomas Bates ([email protected]), Must be submitted by November 12, 2021.

The proposal aimed to help fill a critical void in the local homeless service system | Top story

Source link The proposal aimed to fill a critical gap in the local homelessness service system | Top story

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